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ERETO AFRICA seeks your support in undertaking a Bee – Elephant and Livelihood project in Loita, Narok County, Kenya. The project takes an integral approach in which it envision to protect Elephants, secure livelihoods and contain human-wildlife conflict.

African elephants migrate across large areas of land for forage and sustenance; they cannot easily be contained within national parks. Their roaming behaviour means that they come into frequent contact with farmers outside protected areas. Arable farms are an easy source of nutritious food, and crop-raiding by elephants is a serious problem which threatens farmers’ lives and livelihoods as it has been the case for Loita Forest neighboring agrarian community.
Elephants are difficult to deter owing to their size and intelligence. Effective measures such as electric fences are not affordable to ordinary farmers, who can be driven to drastic action such as snaring, shooting or poisoning of elephants. Cheap, workable solutions to the problem of crop-raiding are needed – and bees provide an exceptional answer.
ERETO AFRICA has so far piloted a 20 langstroth beehives fence in two villages neighbouring Loita Hills Forest to deter elephants’ farm invasion and the result turned out spectacular; the beneficiary farmers are now reaping 100% of their crops with additional income from honey proceeds. Additionally, elephants around those villages are much more safer as contact with human activities has been reduced by the beehive fence. The bee pollinator as well have and will continue to increase crop, natural vegetation such as trees, bushes, flowering shrubs and wild graze yields from increase pollination. There has therefore been increased quality forage for elephants and carbon sink that reduces global warming.

Cognizant to the seriousness and extend of the problem, ERETO AFRICA asks for your treasured support as well-wishers, supporters, Elephant lovers and partner to raise 40,000USD to erect beehive fences along 10 other villages bordering Loita Forest to further arrest the soaring human elephant conflicts along farmlands that has led to lose of community lives and livelihoods, demise and injury of many elephants.

This initiative envisions making good neighbors for both the hardworking farmers and this endangered mightiest land mammal; the African elephants, in posterity.

Help us with your contribution to execute this noble cause!!

v   4000USD will pay for the cost of adopting and operationalizing a village beehive fence.

v   2000USD will pay for hire and training of the beehive fence maintenance crew in a village before harvest and sale of honey.

v   1000USD will pay for buying and installation of honey processing plant in a village.

v   500USD will pay for costs of beehive fence management tools and protective gear in a village.

v   200USD will pay for cost of items transportation to a village.

v   100USD will pay for honey products certification and packaging.

v   50USD will pay for initial honey and honey products marketing. 

v   We strongly believe in collective effort and therefore accept contribution as little as 5USD to help us actualize our program.

For donations, use only the official channels below;
Donate Here or Contact +254 721 923 252 / +254 719 616 181